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When we learned our new baby would be a boy, our first thought was... Robots. But since this room is knotty pine, it seemed more like a woodland theme with a side of cowboy. Garage sale lamp and frames. Embrodiery work inspired by a family handmade quilt. Vintage cowboy hat.
The rocking chair is from Great Grandma Olive and the wall quilt is by Great Grandma Hendricks. The curtains are a Japanese print--my mom made these. Mom also sewed the crib bedding. Fabrics from Repro . 

Scanned graphics from the fabric are placed on a textured background, printed on 8.5 x 11 sheets, and mounted in thrift-store frames. So, just how we like it--custom and personal. We decided to spring for the classic Nelson pendant lamp because it is perfect. I've been waiting for a reason to buy one of those.